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When I am not blogging (publishing) on this site I own a friendly little t shirt and sleep shirt on line boutique.  When I am not taking customers orders or packing boxes for the post office, I volunteer my time writing and managing a pioneer blog and cemetery blog for my local township.  Cool huh?

In between all of that work, I am most happy outside in the summer digging in the dirt "redecorating" my garden so it looks pretty.  My John Deere tractor and lawn mower are my best outdoor friends.  More on them later.  I've been blessed with a fabulous husband, both of us have good health, and scattered around the blog will be a few slide shows of photos from a few of our travels.

And, last but not least, it won't take you long to discover how much love and commitment I extended into making our farmhouse a welcoming home.

I started this blog because I believe most everyone wants to make their home a comfortable "nest" and if living in an old home is your dream and on your life's bucket list, then I hope you'll find some of my tips and hints worth reading.  If you take away a good idea.  Great.  If I save you from spending a bunch of money that was not necessary. Double great.  If you simply enjoyed my stories and photos, that's great too.

Updates will be published when I have something to say.  I know that sounds glib but I don't think you care to read about my grocery store trip that day.  Gee, even I would find that boring.
What are my credentials on farmhouse renovation?  Am I an expert?  Hardly.  I think the word expert is overused and over-rated these days. I went to the school of hard knocks.  All the book learning in the world won't prepare you for the hands on experience you'll need when it comes to renovation.  Expect the unexpected.  I'm stubborn occasionally and a little inpatient at times so those attractive character traits caused me a little trouble along the way.  So, who's perfect?  I managed to completely renovate our farm house and was happy with the results.  Prior to renovation I designed a home, had an architect draw the plans, and successfully built a new house on budget.

I'm just a person who thinks that writing about my experiences may help someone else.

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