Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Much Does a New Septic System Cost?

Septic System Cost
Here is information for homeowners to estimate the cost of a new septic system.  I wish I had this information available to me when we were establishing a realistic renovation budget. Although the information below is applicable to Kenosha County, State of Wisconsin, and the costs are from the year 2009, it will give you an idea of the type of costs you will incur and figure out how much it costs for a new septic system.  My goal is to give you enough information to ask the right questions and receive a complete quote, avoiding extra costs you did not anticipate.

Soil Test (Mound System) $500.00

Soil Testing in location of future mound

Soil Samples

Mound System Design $325.00

State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Commerce fee $175.00

Revised Mound System Design due to changing location of Mound $200.00
*The original quote was for the design that located the new septic tanks in my backyard. I failed to make it clear that I did not want tanks in my backyard near my patio. I wanted the tanks in a more remote area to avoid sitting on our lawn chairs and smelling gasses from the tank. Be thoughtful where your septic location will be placed and make sure it is communicated to the designer. And, make sure it is a fair distance from your well.

State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Commerce fee $80.00

Kenosha County Permit Fee $775.00

Register of Deeds fee $30.00

Old Cast Iron Pipe
*The old cast iron pipe that went from the basement to the old system had to removed and replaced. The basement wall needed to be sealed with hydraulic cement inside and out and the outside coated with tar in the area to be patched. Ask if there is an additional charge for plumbing or electrical work.

Extra Heavy Tank Covers
*There is a maximum cover depth of 4 feet on the new septic tanks. If you select a location that requires the tanks to be deeper because of the pitch on the pipes, then extra heave tank covers are required. $360.00 for all three.

Floor Drains or New Drainage Pip for Water Softener
*Water softener discharge should not go into a septic system. Either utilize the existing floor drain or hook up a by-pass to another absorption system using a 4" PVC pipe. $400.00 if needed.

Abandon Old System -
*Pump existing old concrete septic tank, filling with stone, collapse tank, fill, topsoil, grade flat with contour of landscaping. Make sure this is specifically included in the quote.  Your municipality will want certification that the old system is abandoned in an approved fashion.  Inspection will take place before your new system gets the OK.

New System
*Install new system, construct 4-bedroom mound system using washed stone aggregate for the bed media above approximately 143 cubic  yards of sand. Mound is to be capped with clay fill, topped with topsoil, seeded and mulched. All topsoil over trench and tank locations is to be stripped and stockpiled, not trucked off-site. The site between mound and house is to be graded flat, with all deep rutting caused by trucks and equipment filled and graded with topsoil. Miscellaneous materials, labor and machinery charges included. Low and high voltage wire between house and pump chamber and connection to serves are included. $15,000.00

Make sure you take photos of the piping of your septic path for future reference.

Repair to Driveway
*If necessary, repair damage to existing gravel driveway. $369.00
If necessary, repair damage to existing concrete or blacktop driveway. Obtain quote.

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