Thursday, November 14, 2013

Read This If You Are Installing New Windows

Cracked Window Frame after Installation

It is the little things, ya know? 

Read this if you are installing new windows.

During construction, it makes sense to do a walk-through, daily if possible.  Catching problems early means they are easier and less expensive to fix.  No one wants to rip apart a finished product only to have to re-build it over again. 

We ordered Anderson double hung windows.  The interior is primed wood (highly recommend you order primed wood directly from the factory) but the exterior is vinyl.  I did not intentionally go out to inspect every window.  It didn't occur to me.  It just so happened I was looking out this particular window and noticed the crack.   It is easy enough to miss.

H-m-m-m-m-m-m.  If there is one problem window, are there more?

This crack may have occurred any time from the factory to delivery to our construction site.  It also may have cracked when the window was lifted to position, or when the contractor was nailing it in place. 

Do not accept a cosmetic repair.

You may be told that the crack is minor, only a hairline crack, but I have a counter-point.  The window had to be jarred with enough force to create the crack so after the warranty has expired, this may be the first window to loose its glass seal.  At that point, window replacement is your expense.  I requested a replacement, which was granted.

There is no need to accept damaged materials.  Stick to your guns!!

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