Sunday, October 27, 2013

Airplane Bathrooms

There is no photo or graphic that can project an image of what I am about to describe.  You will  have to use your own imagination.

I am on an airplane heading to Calgary, seat 7D, writing this note.

We are twenty-minutes from landing and the toilet has been used by every specimen of the human race.  I know this because I was one of those specimens.  The floor is dotted with wet spots of an unidentified origin and tid-bits of wet toilet paper and paper towel.  The mirror has spots and the sink has "stuff" in it.  That is what happens when lots of people use a single bathroom the size of a household furnace.

As I observe my surroundings, I frown because the soles of my shoes are now contaminated.  My goal:  quick exit.

Who is next in line?  A young woman in her early 20's - barefoot.  Yes, in she goes!  Barefoot.

E-wwwwwwwww.  I stare at the bathroom door in disbelief.  What would ever posses someone, an adult,  to go into an airplane toilet barefoot? This is contrary to everything my mother taught me about bathroom etiquette and procedures in a public place. 

Think of this girl the next time you shoe shop.  And yes, she'll probably live to 95 unlike the rest of us who carry those little hand sanitizer packets.

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