Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Girls Trip to Dexter, Maine

My Absolute Favorite Souvenir
Moose Salt and Pepper Shakers
(Kinda makes you a little jealous you don't have these, doesn't it?)

This Year - Another Adventure!
Six of us, all grown women, turn into fun loving high school silly girls during our annual long weekend adventure.  Each year one of us has the honor of planning.  The destination is usually a place that would be new to most of us and it can be anywhere in the United States or Canada. The criteria must include good food, interesting shopping, scenic views, an outdoor activity of some sort, and culture.  So far, we have rented condos or houses so we can all be together.  That is the best part.  Actually, that is the most important part.  Early morning conversations during coffee and a glass of wine in the evening while we talk about the day is a perfect recipe for building memories.

Last year our adventure took us to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This year the destination was Dexter, Maine.  What?  Where in the heck is Dexter, Maine?  We were about to find out.  Join me on a photographic journey of our trip to the unexpected charm of Maine.


Dexter, incorporated in 1816, is located in the central part of Maine.  The town is located on the Sebasticook River which provided water power to grist mills, woolen mills, and textile mills in the early days.  Dexter is most famous for being the home of the Dexter Shoe Company.  The Town of Dexter was a growing prosperous town because of its industry.  Today the mills have closed, the Dexter Shoe Company moved, and as of the 2010 census the population of Dexter was 3,895.

Downtown Dexter, Maine, August 2013

Church located in Dexter, Maine

Civil War monument, Dexter, Maine

The Old  1857 Town Hall, Dexter, Maine

Abbott Library
Amos and Jeremiah Abbott established mills in the 1830's in Dexter.  They closed in 1975.
This library was given to the Town of Dexter by George A. Abbott in 1894.

Our Lodging and Hosts
When Norma announced that Dexter, Maine was her destination choice for this trip, she then told us we would be staying at Brock and Barbara Johnson's house.  Uh-oh.  Is this a good idea?  Are they prepared for six alpha females who are competitive, impatient, determined, not afraid to give an opinion, and not afraid of the unexpected?  Hope so.

Brock picked us up at the Portland airport in a mini-motor home which would be our "limo" for the entire trip.  He was in good standing with us when he announced we had a bathroom and refreshments!  So far, so good.

Oops.  Spoke too soon.  THIS is the driveway to the house?

This is the view of the driveway to the house as we pull off the road.
We all look at one another.  Silence...dangerous for this group of ladies.

The driveway eventually gets to the field stone pillars.......and it continues....with nothing in site.
We are still quiet...a sure sign the alphas are pondering...but we have complete trust in Norma. 

Our Ah-Ha Moment.  The House:  Our Home Away From Home

Our first view of the house and grounds.  Norma, we trusted you all along - really!

Lovely back deck facing the water.

Back of the house and windows with great views.

At dusk, the fish were popping out of the water trying to catch moths and bugs.


Our Welcoming Hostess, Host, and Chloe the Cat

Barbara Johnson
Perfect Hostess and Great Cook.  Thanks Barbara!

Barbara prepared a wonderful crab cake lunch.

A Maine lobster dinner cooked by Barbara topped the day!

Brock Johnson
"The Bomb"
Brock was with us from picking us up at the airport to taking us back to the airport.
He had the patience of a saint with us six ladies and I can't think of a more appropriate title for our host.
Brock is sitting in his 1952 m38al Jeep used in the Korean War.

Here is a video of Brock driving Norma and Jackie down the driveway.
Chloe, The Queen
"If I am quiet maybe no one will notice me".

Chloe posing very lady-like.  Great profile!
The House
The lake house was warm, cozy, and homey.  The perfect setting for a girls get-together.

It's great to be on vacation!

Acadia National Park, Maine
Can you top these views?

Bar Harbor, Maine.  Photo taken on top of Cadillac Mountain.
Notice the "bar of sand" on the first island.

Bar Harbor, Maine.  Photo taken on top of Cadillac Mountain.
The Fog was rolling in late morning.

Thunder Hole.
This rugged, jagged rock is in sharp contract to the Bar Harbor coastline.
In a matter of two minutes, the scene changed from sun to fog as we turned the bend.

After our visit to Acadia National Park, we had lunch at Jordan Pond House.  We sat outside at a picnic table and the weather was spot on perfect.  What could be better?  Lobster stew and two homemade popovers with butter and preserves.  And, the gift store was the icing on the cake!

Our view from the picnic table where we had our outdoor lunch.
Jordan Pond, Maine

Northeast Harbor, Maine
If you are searching for a little quaint, non-tourist town, Northeast Harbor, Maine will not disappoint.  Thanks Barbara for suggesting we make a stop.  My only regret?  I did not get a photo of all of us skwooshed into a small shop (the size of a kitchen) where the two sales ladies (very nice) were helping four of us try on shoes - with one chair.  I guess you just had to be there.  Shoes EVERYWHERE!

Northeast Harbor, Maine
Shops on the main street

After shopping both sides of the street in Northeast Harbor, we walked back to the motor home were Brock was waiting for us.  To our complete surprise, we walked into the coach where wine and appetizers were waiting for us.  And beautifully displayed too!  Could it be better?  And yes, we gushed.

The Moose Cruise
We arrived at The Birches, a Maine outdoor cabin-old fashioned lodge-tavern kind of place.  Our trip would not have been complete without this experience. 

The Birches at Moosehead Lake, Maine, reception area

The Birches Dining Room, Moosehead Lake, Maine

The Dining Room, The Birches, Moosehead Lake, Maine

Barbara was right.  She said Prime Rib would be "Tonight's Special".  We confirmed our dinner reservation and off we went to get on the boat.

The Girls Watching for Moose
On the lookout for Moose!

Cruising around little islands, we kept our eyes peeled toward the shore hoping to spot moose.

On the lookout for Moose!

Here we are cruising way back in the shallow stream areas, perfect habitats for moose.
Did we see a moose?
You betcha!!!!!!!!!!!

Our moose.

The Birches
Lakeside cabins - even a Honeymoon suite!


Our Last Day
A Visit to Kennebunkport:  Shopping, lunch and then a mad dash to the airport.

Our last day we did some final sightseeing and shopping at Kennebunkport, Maine

Church in Kennebunkport, Maine

We enjoyed our lunch at The Hurricane Restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The Girls standing in front of the George Bush home, Walker's Point, Kennebunkport, Maine.
It was a great trip.
(We are missing Sharon who had to cancel at the last minute because her dog Clancy was very sick.  We missed ya Sharon!)

Happy Trails to You!