Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bleeding Hearts: A Pretty Spring Perrenial

(Source:  Photo by Jackie Nelson)

(Source:  Photo by Jackie Nelson)

(Source:  Photo by Jackie Nelson)
Are these cute, or what?  I planted this Bleeding Heart in my shade garden along side my hosta plants.  When in full bloom, Bleeding Heart plants are just lovely.  The flowers are delicate, don't you think?  The photos I took show a few rain drops from an early morning shower.  It is May 23rd, the plant is in full bloom, and today I have the furnace running because it is so blasted cold and damp.  Add insult to injury - we expect rain all week.  That is spring Wisconsin weather for you. 

If you don't have any Bleeding Hearts in your garden, know that the plants stems are quite delicate.  They do not hold up very well if you drag your hose over them.  I know that sounds obvious but I am so-o-o-o annoyed at myself when I break off a stem in full bloom.  This plant is similar to the daffodils.  Eventually the plant yellows and dies back leaving a gap in the garden.  Oh well.  That is why I buy extra fail-safe impatiens to fill in the space.

Happy gardening, y'all.


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