Friday, May 3, 2013

Umbrellas and Lightning

It's me under this umbrella.  With today's thunderstorm came a nice warm front.  To those of us here in Wisconsin, a nice spring warm front means 40 degrees with no wind.  I could not wait to go for a walk.   After all, it is the beginning of April.

Walk.  Walk.  Walk.  Here I am, just enjoying myself, drinking in the smell of a new fresh spring rain.  I am about a mile from the back door and the heavens opened up with a downpour and more.  Thunder.  Then lightning. 

Below is a photo of the flooded golf course located next to the walking path in our neighborhood.  After a bolt of lightning flashed in the sky in front of me I wondered how many people died of lightning bolts a year on a golf course - on a walking path??????   H-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.   Perhaps walking with an umbrella isn't such a good idea.  I know I will leave this earth someday but I am not ready to leave it from a lightning bolt.

Needless to say, I stepped it up a bit, got the old heart rate going, and when I was safe inside the garage thought "walking with an umbrella during a lightning storm isn't such a good idea."

Time for a cup of hot chocolate.  Until later.........

Yes, it's me under this umbrella.
(Source:  Jackie Nelson photos)

Kenosha Country Club, April 2013
Rain Storm April 2013
(Source:  Jackie Nelson photos)

My backyard.
Yes, there is a creek down there.......somewhere.
(Source:  Jackie Nelson photos)

Our New Bridge
Every hour I look out the window to see if the bridge is still in place.  Thankfully, it did not move an inch!  This bridge is heavy and I shutter to think of it floating down to the neighbors.  Wouldn't that be a job getting it back?  Oh boy.  We dodged a bullet here!!!  Shortly after the water receded, steel rods were installed in all four corners and attached to the frame so the bridge is now anchored and reinforced.


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