Monday, May 6, 2013

Assembling a Raised Garden


Getting ready to plant vegetables and herbs

This year I am going to raise my own vegetables, but I have no garden for vegetables - just flowers.  I have a bright idea that was inspired by a dinner we had last fall.

Our friend has an incredible raised garden.  Before dinner we took a basket and a pair of scissors, opened the gate and entered a cute little raised garden inside a white picket fence.  We proceeded to pick our salad:  tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, cukes and some fresh herbs for home-made salad dressing.  You know what?  The salad was heavenly and now I want a little place to raise my own salad.

No matter what, I must have a picket fence with a gate. 

While shopping at Sam's Club I saw raised garden bed kits.  Instead of tilling up the grass, I decided this was easier and faster than trying to kill the grass, tilling the dead grass and raking out the dead grass.  That appears to be too much work, don't you think?

The Sam's club bed kits were easy to assemble.  No tools.  Just snap in place.  To fill, they require a lot of dirt - too expensive to buy single bags.  I used dirt from our field but if you don't have a field, I would buy a truck load.  Give the landscaper the measurements of your beds and he'll know how much to deliver.

So far, so good. 

Today, I am going to buy my plants and seeds.

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