Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper Design

Some of the pleasant surprises during renovation is uncovering vintage decorating materials like wallpaper.  The entire first floor of this house had plaster and lathe as shown on the wall below.  Damage or cracks in the plaster often resulted in covering the problem rather than hiring someone to fix the old plaster.  In this case wall paper was added.  
One of the benefits of living in the house while construction happens is that you are able to save or photograph some of this history before the wall is taken down. 

Vintage farmhouse wallpaper and border.
This wallpaper was selected and hung by my grandmother.  I tried to keep some of the original pieces but the plaster was so old it crumbled as it was removed.    I photographed pieces and framed a collage of shapes to hang in the kitchen.  My cousins and girlfriends think it is "cool" I was able to record the decorating history of the house.

Close up of the vintage kitchen wall paper.

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