Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Does an Asbestos Report Look Like?

Sample Asbestos Report

The top half written portion is a log which assigns a number to each sample taken.  The log also identifies where the sample is located.  The bottom half is the actual report and analysis.  You will see that some of the samples detected no asbestos while other samples reported positive.  From this report, you will be able to obtain an estimate of asbestos removal costs.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Here is my experience with an asbestos inspection

$575.00 was the cost of our asbestos test and report in 2007.  The cost is based on the number of samples collected and tested.

I ordered this test before the project was sent out for bidding.  Why?  Asbestos removal costs would be added to my overall budget and the work would need to be completed by a certified asbestos removal company before any construction or demo work could begin.

The report is valuable whether you decide to proceed with renovation or demolition.

The representative came to the house and performed the inspection and sampling.  He took small pieces of old plaster, interior and exterior paint, tile and sheet vinyl floor covering. He also took samples of old sheet siding on an outbuilding.  In an old house there may be layers over layers of old flooring. All need testing unless you will not disturb the floor.

The representative provided his state inspector license number on the report.  The report indicated which samples came back positive/negative, and those that required removal were addressed.

Should you think you can eliminate this expense, think not.

Government regulations have made asbestos removal a renovation or demo cost you can't avoid.

One, you will need to dispose of the materials.  If you take them to the local dump, they will inspect your vehicle and load.  They are trained what to look for so if they spot any potential hazardous materials you will be sent away.

Two, if you have a dumpster on site, the contents will be looked at upon dumping.  Neither the dump or the dumpster company is willing to take your hazardous materials.

Three, contractors are now required to sign certifications regarding asbestos and they are not willing to accept liability for fines simply because you do not want to spend the money.

My Tip of the Day!

If your renovation requires removal of old linoleum floors, old roofs, lead pain on exterior siding, and other hazardous materials, pay for an inspection and know up front what is required.  If you hire someone to remove these materials, insist on a detailed estimate before they start work, and a receipt and report of disposal before you pay the vendor.  If you hire the general contractor to arrange this for you, make sure there is a line item  on your proposal for "Asbestos and Hazard Material" removal.


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